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Regression to Birth

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Regressing - or to put it simply, remembering and re-living your birth - is a method of healing difficulties which occurred during childhood, birth, time in the womb, conception and even pre-conception: Such difficulties can produce unhelpful attitudes or patterns which we then carry for our entire lives, such as unfounded fears or “knee-jerk” reactions, which interfere with how we live. Using Reiki and Chelation energy to bring you to a very relaxed state of consciousness, you can learn to de-sensitise to the issues through re-experiencing them at the same level of intensity with which they were first imprinted on your consciousness. You are aware of your surroundings at all times.
You lie down, and  Alison facilitates spiritual energy to flow into you.  You will become so relaxed that you can access the deeper parts of your memory, and you can remember, and actually re-experience the early negative experience. This time, however, you will also have a lot of healing energy flowing into the situation, so that you can release the negative grip it has had on you. Alison will continue to allow Spiritual Energy to flow into you, and you will feel very relaxed at the session.
A session lasts up to an and costs €70.