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ancient building for regression to past life lives healingPast Life Regression Therapy
Traumas from past lives can sometimes still remain with us in our present lives. These can manifest as unexplained pain, disabilities, illnesses, relationship difficulties, unreasonable feelings about people we meet, etc. Past Life Regression Therapy brings you back to the life in question, and helps you to heal the difficulty.

Reincarnation cannot be proven, or disproven, but Past Life Therapy can be very helpful for people who have
  • "Mystery" illnesses (possibly the result of an injury in a previous life)
  • Unreasonable difficulties in relationships with certain people in their family or close associates
  • Poverty complex due to vows taken as religious in previous lives
  • A sense of having lived before
  • Unexplained strong connections to places or people 

It can also help people to reclaim talents or characteristics from a previous life which are useful in their present lives.
You lie on a plinth and Alison allows Reiki and Chelation energy to flow into you. You will become very relaxed, and Alison will guide you back in time to the relevant life. She will then help you to heal the difficulties which stem from that time, and so remove the problems from your present life. You will finish the session feeling very relaxed.
A session lasts up to an hour, and costs €70.