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Heal Your Past CourseRegression to  Childhood, Womb/Birth, Past Lives


Do you sometimes suspect that energy work could go deeper?
Dates:   Weekends     20, 21 July 2019
                                   17, 18 Aug  2019
                                   14, 15 Sep  2019
Time:    11.00am to 4.30pm approx
Cost:     €600, payable in instalments i.e.
              €200 deposit,
              €200 on 20th Jul y,
              €200 on 17th August 2019.
Venue:  Alison Byrne Healing, Elm Mount, Beaumont, Dublin 9  
As your healing practice strengthens, it is a natural progression to learn specialised techniques to guide a client safely back to revisit childhood, pre/perinatal and past life issues. Indeed, clients can sometimes regress spontaneously during any Hands on Healing: Should this happen when you are healing you will know the time is right to explore Heal Your Past.
  • Learn how to safely revisit the past
  • Channel energy to bring into
  • Help clients to identify blocks in energy
  • Identify unconscious patterns of thought and behaviour
  • Guide clients back in time to where healing awaits
  • Heal traumas and release their Influence on the present
  • Release difficulties from
Past Lives
Womb Life
As we go through life we meet many situations which cause us stress or trauma. A lot of the time we manage to cope with these difficulties, and they don't have any lasting effect on us. However, there are times when we do not have enough skills to cope with them, and blocks are formed in our energy systems (auras), which can lead to us reacting inappropriately to certain situations or people, or indeed to having pain or illness.
For instance
* Being shouted at as a child for putting money in your mouth, and told that it could kill you, could leave you unconsciously afraid of money in your adult life, leaving very little likelihood that you would ever have enough money.
* If you were born by caesarean section, you may spend your whole life waiting for others to do things for you, which can lead to many difficulties in achieving even the most modest things in life.
* If you took a religious vow of chastity in a Past Life it can prevent forming close relationships in this life. You could also have "unexplained" pains or illnesses, which actually stem from previous lives.
By using energy to re-visit such earlier experiences it is possible to remove the block at the energy intensity with which it formed, and so bring welcome relief. This course will bring you through this process both as a therapist and client.