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Havening Technique®
"I wasn't able to travel as a passenger in a car for years: I'd get so distressed that I'd faint or vomit. I couldn't link this to any particular incident.
I had Havening with Alison, and after the I felt brave enough to accept a lift from a friend.  I was amazed that I could try it at all, and then at how relaxed I was during the drive. This treatment can certainly change lives."
, Dublin
“Havening helped me to stop thinking about my problem.  It was making me miserable for months, but since having Havening it has stopped going around and around in my head, and I feel free.”
C B, Dublin
"I received a Havening Treatment from Alison and not only did I find it very beneficial, but it had an immediate and I would recommend Havening with Alison to anybody."

“I have always had an uncanny fear of lifts and I would feel a panic attack coming on as the doors closed ….. The therapy was a little unusual…… I came away thinking well that couldn't possibly have any effect.
Just two days later I found myself in the lift in the Pavilions Swords with not a care in the I realised I had not given it a thought before getting in and as I ascended  I had no panic or nervous feelings whatsoever….So Havening worked for me.”
A J McA, Dublin

Havening Technique® is a powerful psycho-sensory technique, developed by                   Ron Ruden in the United States, to alter the physical structure of the brain in order to give relief from difficulties resulting from such as

  • Traumas

  • Phobia

  • Panic Attacks

  • Chronic Pain (Rheumatism, Arthritis, ME, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia..)

  • Relationship Breakup/loss

  • Wars/burglar/assault/fire

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  •  Shock                                                  
  •  Long term, low-grade stress

  •  Addictions, and more

Havening Technique can also be used for stress management, and to maximise wellness.
There are four components of a trauma being encoded in the brain, i.e:
  1. An event or series of events,
  2. How the person interprets the event(s),
  3. The landscape of the brain (how resilient or vulnerable the person is at that time),
  4. A perceived sense of inescapability (regardless of whether this is factually correct).
When is encoded, a series of reactions occur in the brain, including the production of   This phosphorus coats neuron receptors, which causes them to be permanently stuck in the out (or activated) This is why - even many years later - a sound, smell or thought can suddenly cause a state of panic which can feel just as intense as the actual trauma.
Havening Technique® includes touch on the arms, palms and face, which causes physical changes in the brain via synaptic depotentiation:  Havening Technique® causes delta waves to be produced in the brain.  These Delta waves:

a)  Produce a feeling of or a “safe haven”.  This feeling of safety counteracts the perceived sense of inescapability of the trauma, thus removing one of the four components of trauma encoding, and

b) Cause a series of electrochemical changes leading to the production of the which removes the phosphorus from the encoded receptors and so they can recede.  This de-activates the trauma.  
At we may still remember the event, but become free of the trauma it brought, and in it may not be possible to even remember the event. 
(Please note that this could affect the outcome of any pending legal cases!)

Often 3 or 4 sessions are advised to unearth and eliminate the causes of your difficulty, learn self-havening techniques and resilience for the future.

The client remains fully and is usually seated, although in some cases he may prefer to lie on a plinth.

There are a number of ways of working with Havening Techniques:
An Event Havening session to eliminate a particular trauma
In a typical Havening session - called Event Havening - the client recalls the fear/trauma/phobia/etc., Once he can access (or activate) the issue, he gives it a stress level from 0 to 10.  The aim of the session is to bring this number down to 0. Havening Touch is then applied to the client’s upper arms/palms/face.  The therapist can do this touch, or the client could opt to do it himself.  At the same time, the therapist talks the client through a number of simple exercises (counting/naming colours/humming/etc.) to complete the process.

An Event Havening session without disclosing the trauma
An attractive feature of Havening Technique® is that the client does not have to disclose the trauma which is worrying him:  The therapist can adapt the process accordingly. 

A Transformational Havening session where the client isn’t aware of the source of the trauma
Even the client is not aware of the source of his trauma/phobia/etc. the therapist will be able to adapt the Havening Technique® to suit.  This is often also done after one or a number of Event Havening sessions.

A Hopeful/Affirmational Havening session to enhance the positive:
Havening Touch can also be used to increase the benefit of positive events in life, and to draw things which are desired into the client’s life.

Times and Costs
The timing is very individual to each client's unique requirements, and the speed with which his brain releases the trauma.  However, a session usually lasts about 50 or 60 minutes. Cost is €100.  You can pay with cash, or using PayPal:

Havening via Skype
Havening can be used very successfully via Skype.  Under Alison's guidance, clients apply Havening Touch themselves to their arms, palms and face.  All types of Havening are offered via Skype.  If you would like to book a Skype session please contact Alison to agree a time, and you can pay here


It should be noted that, like most healing techniques, Havening Technique® has not been proven in clinical trials, and so in this context is considered “experimental”.

To read more about Havening Techniques®, an
Drs. Ron and Steven Ruden who developed it, press