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Our sub-conscious minds are extremely wise, and expend a lot of effort desperately trying to talk to our conscious minds. Unfortunately, we often don't notice these attempts, and even when we do, we can have difficulty in understanding them. Dreams are a way our sub-conscious minds can communicate with our conscious selves.

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We have several dreams every night and regularly forget these dreams as we awaken. So we know if a dream stays with us during the day, there is an important message in it.
If there is a problem bothering you, your dreams can help you a lot. All you need to do is ask for the answer/guidance in your dreams as you go asleep, and write down your dreams immediately on awakening.
Alison has lectured in the Mind Body Spirit Festival in the RDS on Dream Interpretation, and done many interpretations on national radio.  She can help you to interpret your own, unique meanings to your dreams.
Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation takes about 30 mins, and costs €50.
Dream Interpretation & Healing
Dream Interpretation & Healing includes a healing to help you to work on any issues being highlighted. This lasts an hour, and costs €70.
If you can't get to Alison in person you can discuss your dreams with her by phone, and together you will unveil the messages coming to you from your unconscious self.  This costs €50. Press here for details.
You can email a dream to Alison, giving as much detail as possible, and she will email her interpretation to you.  This costs €50. Press here for details.