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"I haven't smoked since I did Cutting of Ties with you two weeks ago.  I don't even feel the urge to smoke."  R J, Dublin
Cutting of Ties is a very focused form of healing. We all have energy ties to many things, people, experiences etc. If these ties are negative they can lead to tiredness, illness and unhappiness. You can cut ties with past or present relationships; addictions; inappropriate behaviour; childhood traumas; illness etc. Only negative ties are cut, and any positive ties are left intact, which means that you can cut ties with difficulties you have in a current relationship and still have a (better) relationship with that person.  
You lie down and Alison lets Reiki and Chelation Energy flow into you. You will become very relaxed and move into a state of great clarity. Alison helps you to decide what tie you want to cut, and to find a symbol to represent it. She then helps you to cut the symbol and tie out of your aura. Alison then fills the void left by the tie with positive energy, and seals the area. You will feel very relaxed and much lighter at this stage.
This healing is at a very deep energy level, and brings powerful changes into your life. The effect of these are usually felt immediately.
A session lasts up to an hour, and costs €70.