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Corporate Wellness Programme:
Energy at Work

A dynamic wellness programme with enormous benefits for companies and staff.  Wellness is more than an absence of illness:  It includes optimum health, abundant energy, self-confidence, good relationships and fulfilment.
Energy at Work is a tangible opportunity for managers to show concern for their staff’s welfare.  The benefits for staff include:
  •           Higher energy and clearer thinking
  •           Improved health and well-being
  •           Greater communication skills
  •           Stress management skills
This programme comprises of an optional taster session and 3 modules.  

Each module consists of 4 half-day sessions, building to a complete toolkit of techniques to foster greater creativity and productivity, i.e.
1. Working with Energy                       
2. Harnessing Energy                       
3. Enhancing Relationships
1. Working with Energy
Understanding energy within us, in others and throughout the universe.  Looking at the chakras (energy centres in the body) - what they are, how they function, and how to keep them strong and healthy.  Results include more energised and clearer-thinking staff.
2. Harnessing Energy
Understanding the universal law of attraction. Empowering yourself by identifying where you may have stopped yourself receiving your desires by your thoughts and energy, and learning techniques to change this and so enhance your life.  Results include more focused and creative-thinking staff.
3. Enhancing Relationships
Enhancing relationships in all areas of your life.  Includes identifying difficulties, changing the energy between you and some people in your life, letting go of redundant relationships (including the effects of past relationships) and strengthening good relationships.  Results include better working relationships and communications.
Further Modules
Further modules are also envisaged, based on needs emerging from these initial modules.
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