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Does your life consist of learning, growth and joy? Or would you welcome ways to let go of stress, phobias, illness, disease or pain and tap into your inner peace and wisdom?
Alison Byrne dip ITEC is a very experienced healer and teacher providing a wide variety of holistic spiritual therapies and courses which help to relieve stress, physical disease, emotional difficulties and unworkable relationships and life situations.

Alison Byrne on Elaine, TV3 talking about Dream Interpretation/Analysis


Alison Byrne talking about REiki, Chelation, Cutting of Ties, Past life therapy, Tarot

Nicky Byrne Jenny Greene, 2FM talked with Alison Byrne about Dream Interpretation & Analysis

Radio Kerry, where Alison Byrne spoke with Deirdre Walsh about Dream Analysis and Interpretation

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Holistic Spiritual Therapies
Holistic Spiritual Therapies offered by Alison Byrne help you to let go of difficulties in all areas of life by activating your own natural self-healing processes.  This means that there is no limit to what can be relieved by holistic therapies.  Alison has worked with many disorders including
 Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Heart Disorders
Eating Disorders
Lack of Purpose
Alison can help you to decide which healing would benefit you most from the following:
Holistic Spiritual Courses
Holistic Spiritual Courses run by Alison Byrne Healing lead to greater understanding and enjoyment of life, including emotional and physical pain.  All courses take place in a safe and caring environment, and enjoyment is a key component - see students testimonials.

Alison Byrne Healing provides training for those wishing to work in this area (either on a full or part-time basis) as well as for those wishing to enhance their lives.  You are invited to explore the courses on offer at the moment to see what suits you best at present:
Reiki I
Reiki Master Level 3
Introduction to Healing
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