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dream interpretation courseDream Interpretation
 "Excellent format, excellent teacher, excellent class"
Date:     Saturday November 2017

Time:    10.30am to 5pm

Venue:  Elm Mount Close, Beaumont, Dublin 9

Cost:     €80 (Deposit €30 & €50 on the day)      
Learn to unlock the healing secrets of your dreams and receive the messages which your spirit is sending you constantly.
This course helps you to understand dreams in general, and your own dreams in particular.  It will include
  • Why we dream,
  • How to remember dreams,
  • Meditation to facilitate exploration of dreams,
  • Step-by step how to analyse dreams,
  • History of dreams,
  • Getting further information from dreams
  • Working with nightmares,
  • The Shadow Self,
  • Recurring dreams,
  • Dream fragments,
  • The Collective Unconscious,
  • Common dreams,
  • Common themes,
  • Lucid dreaming,
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Consciously finishing dreams,
  • Revisiting dreams
  • Dialoguing with Dream Figures.
"Dream Dictionaries" which give general meanings to objects dreampt of are not used in this course, as each symbol is personal to the dreamer (i.e. a black cat could mean good luck to one dreamer, fear to another, allergies to another and witchcraft to yet another).  We approach each object dreampt of with a variety of possible interpretations, and narrow it down to its relevancy to the dreamer.
Included are:
  • Discussion on dreams in general
  • Information on dreams and the dreaming process
  • Meditation to unlock intuition and access dream information
  • Analysis of dreams
Alison Byrne has a long history of interpreting dreams, including Midday on TV3, regular guest on Elaine, TV3, regular phone-in slots on Newstalk, Near FM, Spin and Dublin City Radio and many local radio stations.

Alison has also lectured on Dream Interpretation at many public events, including the Spirit, Mind, Body Festival in the RDS.

To see Alison talking about 
Dream Interpretation on 
Midday on TV3 click here




Cost: €80 i.e. Deposit €30 to secure your place, balance on the day.

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